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Sunstars Poultry products hatcheries produce a majority of the broiler consumed in the developed world. It is a multibillion dollar industry, with highly regimented production systems used to maximize bird size versus feed consumed. Birds are produced and maintained under high density, which makes production and harvesting more economical.
Poultry generally start with naturally (chickens) inseminated hens that lay eggs, the eggs are cleaned and shells are checked for soundness before putting them in the incubators. The incubators control temperature and humidity, and turn the eggs until they hatch.
Generally large numbers are produced at one time so the resulting birds are uniform in size and can be harvested at the same time. Once the eggs hatch and the chicks are a day, they are often vaccinated, beak-trimmed and or toe-clipped, this involves the removal of half of the top beak and the clipping of the toe ends.After these procedures, they are moved to enclosed buildings to be raised until harvest. For chickens bred as (egg) layers, only the female chicks are considered to be of value.