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Sunstars Poultry is an organization formed by Mr. K.P.Dhandapaani in the year 1995. Prior to this, Mr. K.P.Dhandapaani has worked in similar industry and gained knowledge. With the knowledge and experience in Indian poultry field, he started this organization with a vision to achieve many milestones in poultry industry. During 1995 and 1996, breeding farms started with Deep litter. With slow and steady rate, the company was able to produce 2000 batches. Simultaneously Egg sales also become part his business.
In 1999, Cage shed was incorporated for birds growth and was able to produce 300 batches. Feed Mill was started in the same year and was able to produce 4 tons per hour. Hatching also started with 6 setter machine and 3 hatching machine. And 6 more setter machines have been installed during the year 2001.
With new techniques and getting advanced in poultry field, the company was able to produce 5000 batches in the year 2003, 7500 batches in the year 2005, 10000 batches in the year 2008 and around 12000 batches in the year 2011. With more enquiries and to ease the process, Sunstars Poultry has got into Commercial Integration and now seeing phenomenal growth. After commercial Integration took place, weekly, we were able to produce 2000 batches and currently producing 100000 chicks per week. Our current major sales are happening in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Our near future plan is to set up National Integration where Sunstars brand name will play an important role.And we got brand registration in the name of "SUNSTARS™ " in the year of 2011.